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Spreadsheets for Business and Personal Use

Easy to use spreadsheets available for business and personal use, some of which can be tailored to your requirements. The majority of the spreadsheets are set up in Microsoft Excel, however, there are some files which will work with open source applications such as Open Office, as well as with iPods or Android Tablets.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or requirements that are not shown.


Accounting Spreadsheets

The do-it-yourself Self Employed Accounting/ Bookkeeping systems will help you keep your books up to date, and free up more of your time to earn more money. The Self Employed accounts software systems are suitable for all self employed individuals/sole traders, for example driving instructors, taxi drivers, Internet sellers, tradesmen, to name but a few.  As you enter income and expenses, a P&L Sheet is automatically updated showing monthy and annual income/expenses. There is also a draft self assessement form which will help you to complete your own HMRC Annual Tax Return. ..... read more

Home Budgeting System

Easy to use Home Budget System will help you keep your personal finances in order by showing you the remainder of cash for the month after all direct debits have been deducted, and updates after each transaction.

You can enter your own categories to make it personal to you, ie Bob's Wages, Sally's Wages, Eon, Virgin Media.

The system automatically deducts the direct debits on the relevant date.

Save the system as a master and use it year after year. ..... read more

Diary (Excel)

Useful for self employed individuals to record appointments for customers and your own appointments and are highlighted in different colours. For example the driving instructor diary has one colour for lessons, another for tests and another colour for personal appointments. You place your cursor in the cell of the start time and click a button and this will ask for name and reason and you select how long the appointment is. The relevant block of time is then shown clearly with the customer's name etc. This can be personalised for almost any service (please email us for details). Ideal for beauty or hair salons. ..... read more

Diet Recorder (Free)

If you are trying to lose weight you can record your daily calorie intake. Also keep a track of your weight and measurements.

There is a small number of foods already entered in the food database but you can continue to update the list with your own foods ..... read more

Utilities Checker (Free)

Get a clear comparison for the costs of your utilities. Enter the costs for your current supplier and then easily compare them with other companies' rates. ..... read more

Mileage Calculator

Helps you record your mileage and fuel purchases as well as give you an indication of your average miles per gallon. This is a useful tool for those who have to submit mileage records and will also help you fill out the relevant section on your tax return because it will calculate which miles are at the higher rate and which at the lower rate. Using the mileage chart is simple and you can enter both Business or Personal miles. The sums are then based on the rates set by HMRC, currently 45p/mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p/mile for subsequent miles. It also gives a rough idea of mpg for fuel consumption. ..... read more

Lottery Checker (Free)

This is an easy and quick way to check for any winning lines for all your lines on syndicates.

Simply enter the numbers for each line and then each week just enter the drawn numbers. Can be used with Lotto, Euro Millions, Daily Play and Thunderball ..... read more

Fish Catch Tracker (Free)

The Fish Catch Tracker is a useful database to record your catches from each fishing trip. Also keep a track of weather, water conditions etc. ..... read more