Equal Figures Bookkeeping

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Accounting System Excel - Instructions for Use

Accounting Set Up

Initial Set Up Page

  1. Bank/Cash Accounts (row 6) - enter the starting balance at the time of set up
  2. Business Split - if you use your vehicle, telephone or use of home for both business and personal use, you can enter a percentage split in the relevant cell on row 9. This will then apply only the business element for calculations on the P&L and Self Assessment draft.

Category Set Up

Category Set Up

Personalise categories to suite your needs.

  1. Enter new or delete existing categories under the relevant heading, ie Petrol under Car, van costs.
  2. Click on the "Click to Confirm changes" button as shown by the red arrow on the diagram above.

Whilst you can add new categories part way through your financial year, you should not delete any categories that you may have already used as this will affect the total figures.

Accounting Summary

Monthly input sheet.

  1. Date - enter day number of month
  2. Category - select category from drop down list
  3. Paid from/to - ie Tom Baxter, Halfords, Esso
  4. Amount - enter amount of sale or purchase
  5. VAT Rate - enter rate as applicable, ie enter 20 for 20% rate.
  6. Account from/to - select which bank account/cash account amount is paid from/to.

Bank/Cash balances are updated automatically allowing you to reconcile with your bank account. The monthly and cumulative amounts will also update with each entry.

Accounting Summary

P&L Summary Sheet

  1. ALL cells are protected on this sheet - no entries can be made on here
  2. The categories are set up to suit your own business (see Categories above)
  3. Following each entry you make the P&L Summary Sheet is updated
Self Assessment Draft

Self Assessment

This figures on this sheet are automated following entries on the monthly input sheets. The box numbers relate to the relevant boxes on your self assessment form.