Equal Figures Bookkeeping

Business & Accounting Spreadsheets

Bills and Direct Debit Split Spreadsheets

For use with Tablets, Google Sheets or most spreadsheet applications

If you house share and want to ensure that each person is contributing the correct amount, and that there is always enough money in the pot to cover the regular costs of running the house, this very easy to use spreadsheet will help. By simply entering the direct debits (quickly copy and paste if all months are potentially the same), you will see at a glance how much money each person needs to contribute in order to cover all outgoings. You can also enter one off payments, such as boiler service, annual water bill, or change amounts as and when necessary.

This personal budget spreadsheet system can be used year after year and can be used on most spreadsheet systems/apps relevant to your device, including Documents to Go by Dataviz.com or WPS Office (android), Numbers from Apple (iPad). If you wish to use it on a PC it will work with Microsoft Excel, Google sheets or openoffice.org.

If you have any queries regarding this system prior to or after purchase please do not hesitate to contact us.