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Internet/Ebay/Amazon Seller Bookkeeping System (Excel)

This simple to use bookkeeping system will keep your finances in order and help you complete your self assessment.

You can use the bookkeeping system year after year and therefore there is no need to purchase further copies in future years.

Immediately after purchase you will be taken to a download page where there will be links to the following files:-

  • Self Employed Accounting File
  • Instructions for using Accounting spreadsheets

The system is set up in Excel and some knowledge of Excel would be beneficial. This version contains macros and requires Microsoft Excel 2003 onwards to work to its full ability. Other versions are available for non-Excel systems - see our other Accounting Systems for open source or Google Sheets, and also for iPad/android tablets.

Income & Expenses Sheet

The system has a sheet per month for entering data. You simply add the date, select the reason from a drop down list, (categories can be customised to your own requirements, ie supplies, ebay fees, postage, up to a maximum of 3 income and 30 expense categories) and also where the payment will be paid to or from, ie, current account, Paypal, petty cash or credit card.

There is a running total on each sheet to show total income and expenses for the month, as well as cumulative figures.

Annual P&L Sheet

The P&L sheet will be automatically updated following any entries made in the monthly sheets. It shows running totals, both per month and cumulative, by category, as well as grand totals for all expenses, again by month and cumulative. The sheet will also show your profit.

All cells are password protected to prevent accidental deletion of formula.

Minus figures are shown in red.

Self Assessment

The self assessment sheet automatically updates when entries are made in the monthly expenses and income sheet.

The figures on this sheet will show the figures you need when you to complete your own annual tax return, whether you use the paper HMRC form or complete on-line.

Bank Balancing

The balancing section of each sheet can be used to give you an indication of how each transaction will affect your bank/petty cash/credit card balance. Providing you enter the balances in the set up sheet at the beginning of the year, the banking balances on each monthly sheet will alter accordingly as you enter new income or expenses. Overdrawn figures are shown in red.

Because you can choose your own categories you can track your personal bank accounts and use a category such as 'personal' for costs not relating to the business.

Allowable Expenses

Allowable expenses are the costs of any outgoings relating to your business that you pay out in the course of earning business profits.

You cannot claim for non-business or personal items, such as entertaining. You can still enter these on the spreadsheets under a category of your choice, however, the costs will not be added to the draft assessment.

Capital Allowances

Capital expenditure is another allowance on the cost of purchasing assets that you will keep for your business and that would be necessary in order for you to make a profit. (...read more)